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.      “The Dunes” are a famous action beach spot in Pismo, CA, where the sound of engines and other motorized sand toys drown out the seagulls.  ATV’s and cars alike race through deep sands and use the wet part of the beach as a main road.  In this urban chaos, the safest spot for people may arguably be in the water.  Look both ways before crossing the sand! We last went in July 2019, when Pismo can actually be a little cold, so bring warm clothes for comfortable moments under the moonlight. 


       The Oceano Camp R. V. Site is nearby although away from the hustle and accompanying noise that can be expected when you RV or camp in The Dunes.  We experienced pet-friendly pleasant facilities with flush toilets, hot showers, and moderately decent size spots.  Our site was bordered by tall trees, open grass, walking trails, and a swampy no fishing pond with protected birds.  You can walk to a Mexican Restaurant or order pizza to deliver to a nearby parking lot.  Take out is a guilty pleasure, but not our preferred way to camp.  Our Mexican food experience at the very walk-able Old Juan’s Cantina deserves further mention.  The restaurant was good enough to satisfy a taco itch or otherwise craving for Mexican food.  The deep fried shrimp cheese appetizers were not as awesome as we hoped, due to the overall texture being a bit soggy and greasy.  While the queso was pretty good and served in a cast iron skillet.


       Everyone knows, food tastes better fresh and when cooked to order at your campsite over open flame.  Sometimes that is how it goes though.  Song choice by Sublime, “Real Situation,” as it seemed to fit the dark situation which was once a beautiful ocean.




Ambiance (View/Style/Pet Friendly) – 3
Taste (Social/Food Environment)- 3
Value – 3
Presentation – (Cleanliness/Quality) -3




Ambiance (View/Grounds) – 3
Taste (Pleasure) – 3
Value – 3
Presentation (Requirements/Wait/Crowd/Freedom) – 3 


Oceano RV/Camp Resort offers solace from the cold, smoggy, crowded, and dangerous weekend at the Dunes.  Can’t beat California beaches though! Definitely check out a nearby beach before you leave Oceano, gateway to cooler beaches where you can sunbath without worry of being run over by a huge truck. 


Let’s not forget the possum who locked eyes with Rodney during the night as his grubby little paws took the pizza right out of our ice chest.  No doubt, this scared the heck out of both of them.  Lesson learned, these possums are smart, put something heavy on top of your ice chest!




“I’m not sure if I can get pizza quicker if I order delivery or make it, but it sure does sound nice to sit here and drink beer… Delivery it is.” 

- Rodney Rusca

taken by eatrz

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