Eatrz provides reviews and recipes the areas of Eat, Drink, Play, and Sleep.  Our bloggers, Rodney and Lisa, were born and raised in the womb of agriculture, California’s Central Valley, where something is always in season.  Following his family tradition, Rodney not only became an attorney, but also earned a Master’s Degree in Business, whereas Lisa has a Master’s Degree in both Public Administration and Marriage and Family Therapy.  Rodney’s inner passion for cooking inspired a culinary journey that led to a semester in cooking school at The Culinary Institute of America, in Napa Valley, California.  Feeling inspired, he shared that journey with Lisa and their food journey began together.  While Rodney prefers savory foods and Lisa is more fascinated by sweets, we each feel a pull to do both.  We love to play with food ideas and healthier eating, cook from scratch, grow more of what we eat, wine taste, and explore our world both near and afar.  Come join us on our foodie/travel/life adventures, we just might inspire you to try something new!

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