June is THE month to go

      If you can appreciate nature without people, this is the time and spot for you.


       When you think of Tahoe, most people think of South Lake Tahoe and skiing. However, North Lake Tahoe and summertime have a lot to offer as well. From the restaurants, casinos, and fine hotels to the weather, fresh air, and accessibility of transport, it’s a great vacation choice anytime of year.

This first of our eatrz’s vlogs will give you a glimpse of North Lake Tahoe, or “NorthShore,” during the month of June 2019. It features music paired with a short video of just some of the fun you could have on your trip here.

First of all, when we plan trips, seasonality is a big part of things. In summer, the weather in North Lake Tahoe is basically perfect and most things are still open despite the off peak season.


       Secondly, our highlight was the gondola from Northstar Village to The Ritz-Carlton. The ride was free and a lot of fun. It was one of the smoothest gondola rides we have ever been on and treasures awaited us at the top in the restaurant bar. The confidence and skill of the kitchen in actually serving me a rare burger when I ordered it, was refreshingly pleasant. When coupled with its snow-making bar drink chiller, it determined our first impression of North Shore Tahoe at The Ritz-Carlton to be hard to top.




       Having lived in Rome, Italy for 6 months, Rodney knows that the city in December is very different than the city in May. In May you go to the parks, The Fontania de Trevi, The Spanish Steps, or stroll to open patio trattoria’s and people watch while basking in the sun. Whereas in December, it is quite enjoyable to rent a scooter and drive around the city, stopping to visit museums along the way. The influx of tourism makes the optimal vacationing decisions seasonal.

Moreover, the sensation of driving thru relatively open streets in cool weather, versus dense traffic in the heat, feels much better. This is akin to people watching in December, no one is out when its cold. Best to go to a museum or get some food after zipping by The Vatican or Colosseum, which are a lot of fun to see on a scooter. That is, since they are freaking huge to walk the perimeter (no scooters inside of course). This is why eatrz will always mention the month that guide our decisions in what we post.


**See our vlog in 4K, or multiple lame resolutions, paired with a musical ambiancer.





Ambiance (View/Style/Pet Friendly) – 4 stars

Taste (Social/Food Environment) – 4 stars

Value – 5 stars

Presentation – (Cleanliness/Quality) – 5 stars




Ambiance (View/Grounds) – 5
Taste (Pleasure) – 4
Value – 4
Presentation (Requirements/Wait/Crowd/Freedom) – 5






“Everywhere is so pretty.”

- Rodney Rusca

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