September is the perfect time for a plane, boat, and car journey to get to Masseria Torre Di Nebbia, the adventure makes it epic. The 1 hour drive from Bari isn’t that scary

Masseria Torre Di Nebbia – Puglia, Italy

The Agriturismo


         September is the perfect time for a plane, boat, and car journey to get to Masseria Torre Di Nebbia, the adventure makes it epic.  The 1 hour drive from Bari isn’t that scary once you are out of the city.  The residual adrenaline from Italian city driving just increases the romantic feeling when your cruising through such beautiful Italian countryside.  Lisa seemed to like watching me drive that manual small car through the gorgeous landscape.          …..Yeah, I did!! 😉 -L


         We stayed at 3 agriturismos in Italy, but this one was by far the most epic.  The Italian government considers it an agriturismo if you meet their criteria.  For example, only a farmer can run an agriturismo.  At least 30% of the products served in the restaurant have to come direct from the farm, such as honey, cheese, and of course olive oil.  They also generally serve local ingredients and the outstanding ones have a higher percentage farm-to-table.  There is an online travel booking site dedicated to agriturismos and there are many (more than 6000) located throughout Italy.


You can’t make this stuff up, Italians are SERIOUS about food!


         The Italians call it an Agriturismo, though the English Wikipedia calls it agritourism. With stone arches and 5 rooms, it was intimate.  We met another couple during dinner and became instant friends.  It’s hard not to in such a setting! We stayed up with them and the manager until 3:00 A.M. toasting, practicing Italian, and trading bottles of wine (ours was from Cantine Rivera). The manager let us play with his young pug, who was absolutely adorable and in training for truffle hunting by another dog.


Masseria Torre di Nebbia let us sleep in after a late night and gave us a private breakfast in the afternoon at check-out.


         We found few things imported (from down the street), such as local table wine and traditional Italian crackers (Italian comfort breakfast food of preserved toast topped with jam/Nutella in miniature packages).  Also, they had croissants and pastries (they might have grown, milled, and baked their own for all we know (we didn’t have evidence otherwise, but I suspect it was from town).  Last, but definitely not least, burrata, lovely magical burrata. Puglia, Americans call it Apulia, is known by Italians for its castle, horse meat ragu, and burrata…and yes, the burrata is better in this region than anywhere else.  And, no we didn’t try the horse ragu (illegal in other places).


This is the perfect venue for enjoying the Puglia region, my favorite region in Italy. 


Ambiance (Environment) = 5

Taste = 5

Value = 5

Presentation (Service for Hotel) = 5

Stars = 5 out of 5


Phone+39 348 526 6348


The Restaurant


         If you go to the Agriturismo, you have to go to the on site restaurant.  Also, in the morning they give you fresh local burrata, pastries, fresh pear juice, fresh orange juice, milk, and packaged sweet jelly/jams.


Burrata was invented in Puglia.


         The Restaurant is extraordinarily intimate and the server spoke only Italian, French, German (but no English).  However, we didn’t need to speak English to enjoy dinner, as we were both happy to practice.


         The dinner came out 1 course at a time and was amazing all along the way.  The starter was Beef Carpaccio.  The pasta course was our favorite dish of the entire European Vacation. 


It was handmade pasta fried in oil for a crispy chow mein like texture topped with zucchini stems in a burrata yellow tomato sauce… mind blown!


         The main was local pan fried steak with olive oil.  I’m used to a sauce, these guys use olive oil…generously.  This kind of meal should not to be missed! Also, logistically, there really isn’t anywhere else to go.


Ambiance (Environment) = 5

Taste = 5

Value = 5

Presentation (Plating for food) = 5

Stars = 5 out of 5. 






If zombies were to take over, I would hope to find myself here, barricaded in gourmet sustainability.  

Rodney Rusca

rrr solo sitting

It doesn’t cost much per night, 

but don’t let that convince you out of an adventure.  


I found myself asking the question, 


“it would cost about what my mortgage is in California to stay here, I wonder if I could work enough on the internet to never have to leave.”

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