California Camping at its best

      There is no better way to soak in our nature.  We loved the location and that we were allowed to gather and burn the driftwood, which there was plenty of.  We went June 2019, and the weather was a bit cold.  3 hours away in our hometown of Fresno, the heat exceeds 100, but in Carpinteria, we had to wear sweater during parts of the day.  Near the park, the beach is dog friendly, toward the public side, it is not. 


         We took a short trip to Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara, and the seafood was enjoyable.  We had sea urchin and rock crab, but learned that we need to watch out for the California King Crab, it comes from the deep and sounds awesome, where the Santa Barbara Spot Prawns roam, which we discuss in our HC Seafood article.  We gave this campground a 4 star rating because it was so small and traffic/Amtrak trains were a disturbance.  Overall, we would recommend and plan to return.



Ambiance (View/Style/Pet Friendly) – 4 stars

Taste (Social/Food Environment) – 4 stars

Value – 4 stars

Presentation – (Cleanliness/Quality) – 4 stars




Ambiance (View/Style/Pet Friendly) – 4 stars

Taste (Social/Food Environment) – 3 stars

Value – 5 stars

Presentation (Requirements/Wait/Crowd/Freedom) – 4 stars


With 4 average in Sleep and 4 average in Play, overall rating is 4 stars.


You can book at 8:00 A.M. 6 months ahead of time.  Mark your calendar and login before, spaces go fast.




Hot Dogs!!!  Who needs them when you have Uuni made pizza’s.

Rodney Rusca

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