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You have been given one of our business cards.  This means that we like you and hope that you will become part of eatrz.


Currently, our focus is on Vlogs, but we are looking toward movies in the future.  First, we take Vlogs to the next level, with a high definition 360 Virtual Reality Experience.


Our next large production Vlog is going to be this summer 2020, using the 11k Insta360 Titan Camera.   


Our plan has been evolving into what it is now, which includes renting the Titan Camera for one of our camping weekends.  Also, we will be buying light sabers (made by ultrasaber) to have a battle.  Likely, the July 18th weekend near Big Sur.  The theme of the Vlog is going to be camping in California.  I would like to do demonstrations on fishing/crabbing, drone flying, Uuni Pizza Production, camp construction, and I would like to have an ultrasaber battle at night by a very large fire.  


The purpose of this VIP post is to generate support in our Vlog production.  If you have interest or useful information, please contact us.


If you would like to share anything with us privately, use the form below or give Rodney a call or text (559) 360-9276. 

Otherwise, feel free to comment below in the projects section.


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