Eat Recipe

Vegetable BBQ with Hot Dogs

Introducing Eatrz videos!  New to this blog (See Below).  Check out what we can do with Iphone X time lapse, a tripod, and Pinnacle Studio 21.

My comments on the video:

I used Tamari, but you can use Soy Sauce instead.  Tamari is like soy suace, but more flavorful (in most instances).  This is our favorite Tamari by Kikkoman.

Seasoned oil is: 3 parts olive oil, one part chili (paprika used, but you can use ancho or california), half part onion powder, one part garlic powder, half part salt.  Substitute tablespoon or cup for “part” or whatever size you need.

Ginger Juice: I put a small piece of ginger in a garlic press and press directly into the mushroom caps.

Garlic Seasoning: I use Dash salt free and herb blend, but it would be easy to make your own, I recommend two parts garlic powder, one part onion power, and a dash of dried herbs.  Notice that I do not use salt, I salt the mushrooms with Tamari.

Hot Sauce: I used Cholula Chipotle, as it has a nice smokiness.

Also, I added sesame seeds inside the mushroom caps and forgot to put that text in the video.


IMG_7097Mise en place

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