**** Coffee Drink Eat Farmers Market

The Vineyard Farmers Market – Fresno, California (January).

Lisa and try go to The Vineyard Farmers Market at least once a month.  This is some of what is available in January from our farmers market loot/dinner for the week.  A new veggie that sparked our interest was the puntarelle; However, our all time favorite lately has been the Jerusalem Artichoke (A.K.A. sunchoke), which looks like ginger root but tastes like a combination of artichoke hearts and potatoes.  We had sunchoke soup at Bouchon, but Lisa liked mine better.  Look for our sunchoke recipe.  This market is part of what makes living in Fresno special. The breakfast quesadilla from Taste Kitchen and the pastries/bread from La Boulangerie were excellent.  The coffee was ok, gas station quality (consider bringing your own).

  1. Ambiance (Environment) = 4
  2. Taste = 5
  3. Value = 4
  4. Presentation (Friendly vendors for Markets) = 4

Stars = 4.25 out of 5.

Address100 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA 93704

Phone(559) 222-0182



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