Drink Eat Wine

Met Restaurant at Metropole Hotel – Venice, Italy.

Before we went to the restaurant, we had to watch the Venician Gondola Races, which we highly recommend to see.  Hearing teams of Italians do toasts and songs to cheer each other on in the races was memorable.  After a glass of wine to watch sunset and a sudden change in weather, we found ourselves running a bit late.  It was cool to watch the races, but next time we would try to get some seats in the bleacher area by Università Ca’ Foscari.  Also, we wanted to walk and got a bit lost on the way to the restaurant.

Upon arrival, the server at the Met was semi-friendly, however, she said the chef was sending out a treat that we could eat on the patio and then never showed.  We saw her leave the restaurant as she walked right by us on the patio.  They wouldn’t give us the full tasting menu, because we were late, so we left hungry after spending around $300.  The dishes we got were not very flavorful and the ravioli was cold.  Overall, I do not think I would return.


Eatrz really couldn’t give a rating because we didn’t get to eat enough at Met.

Address: Riva Dei Schiavoni Castello 414930122 Venice, Italy

Phone: +39 041 520 5044

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