Kelly Fleming Vineyards, Napa California

Kelly Flemming Vineyards

If you are looking for intimate and romantic, this is the spot.  They buzz you in through their private gate and greet you outside with a glass of white wine.  The winery charges $75 a taste, but only sees 8 groups a day, so know that you are a special guest to them when you arrive and that your group will likely be the only guests there during your reserved time.  Likely, you will end up with a private tour of the amazing caves.  They also host 5-course dinners with a private chef inside the humidified cave for 8-40 people, at $250/person.  The humidifiers are set among the barrels of wine inside an arched stone cave create a romantic mood, misty effect, and make it look almost foggy inside.  However, dress for a chill in the air as you will be in a wine cave.  This is the perfect place for a wedding rehearsal dinner or milestone birthday! I guess this is what Kelly got out of the Fleming’s Prime Steak House divorce… Not too bad.  The story goes that the couple was originally a Ruth Chris franchise, but figured they could do better on their own.  We would both agree.  Also, I think this is a better business venture than a restaurant.  The value of this land will never decrease.

  1. Ambiance (Environment) = 3
  2. Taste = 2
  3. Value = 2
  4. Presentation (Plating for food) =3

Total Stars: 2.5

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