Hall Vineyards, Napa California

When you are looking for value in super expensive wine, Hall Vineyards is your place.  You can purchase a 100 point wine here for $300 and something dollars.  However, what we found most important is that there $135 bottle (Jacks Masterpiece) is better than most bottles in that price range we have had.  Hall Vineyards produces a lot of really nice wines.  They have the property, the science, the art, and the know how to make very complicated drinkable wines.  We were in the members tasting room because my parents are members, but I think the tasting room for the general public is more fun and has a better view.  If you are looking for something intimate they have more expensive tastings, at another location, that I’m sure deliver that experience.  An interesting thing you will find about Hall wines is that after you purchase them, the price will usually go up.  With the member discount (applies to all family members), this is my go-to wine for special events.  I love the 15% member discount, but after three years as a member, it goes up to 25%.

So Hall gets close to a perfect score, but just need to make it a little more fun for members and a bit less corporate.  The problem we had dealt with inconsistent service.  Our most recent wine server was not very friendly and the members lounge was dreary. However, the prior time we went was with ten people, we were set up down stairs with cheese plates, and poured a 100 point wine.  It was a lot of fun that they gave us our own space in a private room.  I think if I hadn’t have gone twice in 2017, I would have given it a perfect score based off the first experience.  Maybe next time, as this is becoming my favorite winery in Napa.

  1. Ambiance (Environment) =3
  2. Taste =3
  3. Value =3
  4. Presentation (Plating for food) =2

Total Stars: 2.75


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