***** Drink Wine

Cantine Rivera Winery – Puglia, Italy.

What a wonderful tasting experience! They give you your own bottles and wine guide, who is now our friend and we hope to see him again soon.  The bottles pictured were ours to drink.  We spent like 3 hours here.  Our wine server was passionate about people, the wine, and region.  He convinced us of the need to return and try the horse ragu.  Horse ragu is deep rooted in the history of Puglia.  Italians north of the Mezzogiorno (an imaginary line dividing northern and southern Italy (somewhere near Rome) feel that eating horse is barbaric and not fit for an Italian.  Southern Italians are fond of the taste and share pride for their ancient culture, where no animal was put to waste on the farm.

Rivera is the big winery in town.  This winery put Rosé on the map when Sophia Loren drank it in an Oscar winning movie from the 50’s.  They have good drinkable wines, just not spectacular.

  1. Ambiance (Environment) = 5
  2. Taste = 3
  3. Value = 5
  4. Presentation (Service for wine tasting) = 5

Stars: 4.5 out of 5.

AddressKm. 60,500 Strada Provinciale 231, 76123 Andria BT, Italy

Phone+39 0883 569510



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