Eat Recipe

Easy Soup

For the dinner is a rush, cream soup is a great option. Heat up some oil, put in onions to caramelize, add thickening agent (we prefer whole wheat flour, but you can use any other flour, (called a White Roux) or potatoes), add water with a stock concentrate(to taste), add vegetable of choice (this time I used Jerusalem Artichokes), boil till tender (25 minutes here), turn off heat, optional add cream/milk/coconut milk, and use immersion blender (I have a Bamix and love it, make sure to get one that costs more than $50). It is so much fun to try this recipe without weighing this out because it’s really hard to screw this one up, but once you get it right… Prep time 5 minutes cook time 20-30, super healthy, you can’t go wrong.

Lisa and I needed an accompanying carbohydrate to fill us up, so we weren’t baking cookies at 9:00 P.M. at night.  We have an awesome recipe for bread here.



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