Eat Pet Friendly Recipe

56 Cent Ham-Ham Bone Soup & Jerky

So we are attempting plant based diet (some oil, but less). However, we need to feed our three adorable pugs.  Also, Lisa doesn’t like stuff from China, so we are making our own dog treats that humans can steal. Basically, ham jerky off a 56 cent per pound ham I got at Winco.  Remember to take off as much fat as possible, pugs love it, but if you dehydrate it then it gets chewy.  Also, for the human jerky, Lisa whipped up a marinade of one part soy, one part orange juice, red chili flakes, and a dash of honey (Orange juice wasn’t sweet enough, so next time we are going to try equal parts honey and soy sauce with orange zest).  Then I roasted the bone in our cast iron skillet with some onions and garlic powder (too lazy to do fresh) to make some ham bone soup.  I then added water to almost cover the bones and simmered for four hours.  I then added Jerusalem Artichokes (my new favorite vegetable, available at Fresno Farmers Market on Saturdays 8:00 A.M. to Noon on Shaw and Blackstone from January to March), they have a mild artichoke heart flavor, are close to the same price as potatoes.  You can eat the skin if you don’t want to peal them, or boil for a few minutes and the skin will peel off.

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