Eat Pet Friendly Recipe

Beef or Holiday Ham Jerky

Lisa doesn’t like stuff from China, so we are making our own dog treats that humans can steal. We bought a cooked ham for 56 cent per pound I got at Winco Foods, during the holiday season ham always goes on sale.  Remember to take off as much fat as possible, pugs love it, but if you dehydrate it then it gets chewy.  Also, for the human jerky, Lisa whipped up a marinade of one part soy, one part orange juice, red chili flakes, and a dash of honey (Orange juice wasn’t sweet enough, so next time we are going to try equal parts honey and soy sauce with orange zest).

Pet Choking HazardDo not give dogs larger pieces of jerky than the width of their mouths.  Dogs do not chew the jerky and will try to swallow it whole, you should give them small pieces.

Salt advisory: moderate the amount of salt you give your dog.  The ham will have plenty of salt in it already, but you can add salt to the beef jerky (we suggest through soy sauce).  Rodney has found by looking online, that a little salt is ok for dogs as they need it as part of a balanced diet, but too much is bad.   If you notice: vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, high temperature, or seizures (slide fifteen (15), stop adding salt and the ham jerky is only for you.

Recipe for dog:


  1. Large cooked ham or lean cut of beef.
  2. Food Dehydrator


Holiday Ham Jerky:

  1. Cut off all fat (does not dehydrate well).
  2. Slice as thin as possible.  Also, Slice pieces to be no wider than the width of your dogs mouth.  There is a choking hazard as dogs forget to chew.
  3. Place in dehydrator for about twenty four (24) hours on one hundred and sixty (160) degrees.
  4. You will know when it is done when by placing beef jerky in bag in the fridge, if no mist forms inside the bag, it is done.


Beef Jerky:

Buy big, inexpensive lean cuts of meat.  We bought a Round Roast from Smart and Final, two dollars and sixty nine cents ($2.69) a pound, but you can use London Broil or Sirloin.  The less marbling (fat mixed with meat) the better, since fat does not jerky well.  Soak the meat in soy sauce for an hour ((optional)) many veterinarians recommend, and dehydrate for about twenty four (24) hours, at approximately one hundred and sixty (160) degrees.  It’s a good idea to move the meat around after about twelve hours so no meat touches other meat.  You will start to notice the meat getting darker, becoming firm, and shrinking.  When you think it’s done, put it in a bag in the fridge.  If moisture builds up inside of bag then put back in dehydrator, because that means it is not done.  We usually store it on the counter or you could keep it in the refrigerator.  Theoretically, it should last forever.


Human Version (Spice Rub) Holiday Ham Jerky
Bagged Holiday Ham Jerky
Cleaning the fat off a Holiday Ham

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